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Who We Are?

Canoe-Kayak New Brunswick is a non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to the promotion of safe recreational paddling in the province of New Brunswick. Back in the early 1970’s in Canada the paddling communities of Canada recognized the need for organizations in each province to promote safe paddling in all paddling disciplines regardless of whether your interest was in flatwater, moving water, ocean and irrespective of your choice of watercraft, be it canoe or kayak, so long as it was self-propelled.

Standards for instruction in canoeing and kayaking have been developed by the Canadian Recreational Canoe Association(CRCA) and Canoe-Kayak New Brunswick, as the official representative of recreational paddling in New Brunswick, is pleased to provide access to certified paddling courses through our instructors. We also encourage and assist in the development of canoe clubs throughout the province as yet another means to make the sport safe for all of you.

Mission Statement

To promote, foster and perpetuate recreational canoeing and kayaking as an educational, cultural, historic and constructive recreational experience.

To establish and encourage the development and recognition of standards in canoeing and to facilitate certification of leadership training and levels of achievement in canoeing.

To promote the preservation and enhancement of the outdoor recreational environment in the province of N.B.

To encourage training programs and conferences on a national level for leaders and other personnel.

To support efforts by provincial, territorial, and federal interest groups to ensure the protection and perpetuity of canoeing as a unique Canadian heritage.

To provide liaison with other provincial territorial, national and international canoeing and kayaking associations.